A1 German Language Practice Test [With FREE E-Book]

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This Course Includes A1/Beginner Level Questions In German Language That Will Help You In Exams & Real Life.


Hallo German Learners!

German Is A West Germanic Language Of The Indo-European Language Family, Mainly Spoken In Central Europe. It Is The Most Widely Spoken And Official Or Co-Official Language In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, And The Italian Province Of South Tyrol.

German Is One Of The Major Languages Of The World. It Is The Most Spoken Native Language Within The European Union. German Is Also Widely Taught As A Foreign Language, Especially In Continental Europe, Where It Is The Third Most Taught Foreign Language (After English And French), And The United States. The Language Has Been Influential In The Fields Of Philosophy, Theology, Science, And Technology. It Is The Second Most Commonly Used Scientific Language And Among The Most Widely Used Languages On Websites.

  • Pass The A1 German Language Test.
  • This Course Will Help You To Recapitulate The A1 Level Of the German Language.
  • This Course Will Help You To Gain A Better Understanding Of The Beginner’s Level.
  • This Course Will Help You To Test Your German Language Knowledge.
  • You’ll Also Get A FREE E-Book Of The German language Level A1.
  • The Course Consists of 4 Practice Tests.
  • Each Practice Test Contains 20 Questions.
  • You Have To Complete The Each Practice Test In 20 Minutes.
  • You have To Score a Minimum Of 80% To Pass Each Practice Test.
  • Prerequisites: A1 Level

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See You In The Course! 🙂

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  • Beginner in German Language

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