Affinity designer class: create realistic Isometric designs

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Affinity designer class : Learn how to create Isometric illustration designs in affinity designer


In this course, I will teach you how to create isometric designs using an affinity designer. i specially design my courses so that students of all level can understand the class very easily

the requirement is –

  • you need to have a laptop or pc
  • you need to have affinity designer software.
  • Beginner-friendly explanations.

isometric designs are the most popular designs, the reason for being so popular is that they look realistic and three dimensional. this course is structured to make you learn how to create isometric designs in affinity designer.

your learning from this course.

  • Learn how to use isometric’s an affinity designer
  • Learn how to create an isometric small cube in affinity designer.
  • learn how to use colors, shapes, and strokes in affinity designer.
  • creating a project ( 2.5d laptop designs) using affinity designer.
  • working on details with creating designs.

after learning this course you will be able to use affinity designer isometric tool and you can easily create isometric designs.

I also want you to create an isometric cube and color it effectively so that It looks like an isometric 2.5D cube and Create the laptop design, you can create the same as in the course or you can bring your concept of creativity. affinity designer is new and very popular tool to create designs and illustrations.

so just join this course and start learning now.

Who this course is for:

  • this course is made for those who want to learn how to create isometric designs
  • Graphic designers
  • Illustration artist
  • animators

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