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Amazon Virtual Assistant


After this course, you will be able to provide Amazon Virtual Assistant services internationally. You will be able to launch your own product on amazon. This course starts from very basic learning to pro-level learning. Everything is explained from A to, SO, It will be very easy for the learners to understand all the things efficiently.

After the Learning course you have two options:

Skills that you will learn:

  1. Amazon Services
  2. Amazon Launch

1: If you do not have enough investment to start your business on Amazon. You can start providing services to the other Amazon sellers and can earn 1000$ monthly easily. After generating some revenue you can launch your own product on Amazon.

2: If you have investment then after learning this course you will be able to decide that the product you are going in is good to go or need more evaluations, you will be able to understand the stats and market gaps, also you will learn how to source the hunted product from Ali Baba.

Skills that you will learn:

Amazon Brand Store Creation

Amazon Product Hunting


PPC Ads, Discounts, Voucher

Product Listing

Removing Listing Errors

Removing Hijackers from your Amazon Listing

Optimization Of the Product

Keywords Extraction


Bulk Listing

Variation Issues

Shipment Creation

A-Z Claims


Order Management

Brand Registry

Linking Brand With Asin

A plus Content

Store Creation

Dealing With Customers

Plan of Action for Suspended Account

Plan of Action for restricted products

Category Approval

Who this course is for:

  • Amazon Learning
  • Amazon Virtual Assistant

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