Amazon Nonfiction Books: Plan and Schedule w/Book Calculator

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Amazon nonfiction book niche, always write in a series, book length and price, release schedule and the Book Calculator



Welcome to my course, Amazon Nonfiction Books: Plan and Schedule w/Book Calculator.

In this course, I explain how to plan and schedule your Amazon nonfiction book series release. The first third of the course discusses finding a writing niche with traffic that you can compete in and why you should always write in a series. The second third explains how to use choose a book length and price and various release models. The third part demonstrates the use of the free web-based Book Calculator to estimate your book release cycle time.

Learn to plan and schedule an Amazon nonfiction book release.

My name is Brian Jackson. I’m the instructor of the course. I’m also the writer of over one dozen books, publisher of well over 100 Amazon Kindle e-books and instructor with almost 40 Udemy courses to my name.

In this course, I demonstrate preparing a release schedule for a series of nonfiction Amazon books. More specifically, I address the following topics in detail:

  • Select a niche to write in for which you have experience and interest that will receive enough traffic to sell books and in which you can compete.
  • Always write in a series to more easily sell existing customers the next book and to receive free Amazon advertising for your series on each book page.
  • Set your book price at the sweet spot ($2.99) and write to that price point while writing more than 20,000 words.
  • Review my current book series release strategy along with the shorter serial release strategy and the benefits of each.
  • Learn to use the Book Calculator web page to estimate your book release schedule.

Learn to plan and schedule any book release the easy way.

I am directing this course to writers new to writing, self-publishing and marketing Amazon nonfiction books and those old timers wanting to brush up their publishing skills.

Whichever is the case, I look forward to joining you on a journey through the lectures ahead.

I’ll see you in the classroom,


Who this course is for:

  • This course is aimed at writers new to writing, self-publishing and marketing books on Amazon.
  • This course is also for old-timers looking to brush up on their writing and publication skills.

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