Anaconda Tutorial | Learn Python Anaconda in 40 minutes

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Learn Anaconda and run Python programs on the web browser


In this Video Course, learn Anaconda and its concepts. Anaconda is the World’s Most Popular Data Science Platform. More than 20 Million People use Anaconda. It is useful for creating data science and machine learning applications with Python. In this course, we have covered the following lessons with live running examples. Let’s start with the first lesson.

This Anaconda Tutorial is for students, engineers, and professionals. Beginning with the introduction, you will learn how to set the environment for Anaconda and start working with it to create new projects and run Python programs. We have also shown how to setup and run Python libraries on Anaconda. Step-by-step lessons are provided covering topics, which will help you in preparing basic to advanced-level Python programming on Anaconda.



Install Anaconda on Windows

Anaconda Navigator

Create a new NoteBook in Anaconda

Working with Cells on Anaconda

Types of Cells on Anaconda

Add Headings in Jupyter NoteBook

Show line numbers in Jupyter Notebook

Setup Numpy on Anaconda

Setup Pandas on Anaconda

Setup Matplotlib on Anaconda

Download Notebook in various formats on Jupyter NoteBook

Import Notebook into Jupyter Notebook

Open already created NoteBook in Anaconda

Keyboard Shortcuts on Anaconda

***Python Version***

We have covered Python 3 and all the examples are implemented on Jupyter Notebook.

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Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to code in Python
  • Those who want to enhance their Python Programming Skills.
  • Those who want an easier interface to run Python

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