Apache http for sys and web admins **FREE**

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Apache httpd webserver


Course is completely free

In this course you will learn about Apache http web server administration. The operating system used in the course is CentOS but majority of the steps will work on Unix/Linux based operating systems. The course covers a number of topics on Apache http web server. Almost all of the topics are hands-on with some basic theory. The course is ideal for system admins or web admins or devops professionals who want to learn Apache http web server administration. There is absolutely no coding experience required. Knowledge of Linux administration is required.

The version of Apache http used in this course is 2.4.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

Install Apache http on Ubuntu and CentOS

Setup Apache http containers

Understand the folder structure

Understand configuration files used by Apache http

Get a very good understanding of directives used by Apache http like DocumentRoot, Directory, DirectoryIndex and many more.

Perform rewrite’s using Apache http directives

Perform administration tasks like stop and start Apache http

Understand the main log files that are used by Apache http

Customize the access log file used by Apache http

Create custom messages for common http errors

Configure Apache http as a reverse proxy

Configure Apache http for SSL

Configure a VirtualHost

Who this course is for:

  • System admistrators
  • Web administrators
  • DevOps

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