Are your LIMITING BELIEFS minimizing your Spa retail sales?

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The mindset mini-course to overcome your mental blocks.


Mindset is everything…

And your mindset will determine your success.

And when it comes to recommending homecare in the Spa, rare are the service providers that choose this career to sell products. Yet, it is an essential part of the job, and the easiest way to generate client satisfaction and retention.

Our conditioning, bad experiences and negative bias too often get in the way, generating limiting beliefs and mental blocks preventing us from reaching our highest potential.

So what can we do?

Like having to work from within to manage acne, we have go back to the source, and jumpstart the self-awareness and mindset work to unlock our highest potential and abundant retail sales.

Enjoy this focused growth mindset course that will help you understand what limiting beliefs are and how they get created. Learn the strategies to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to recommending homecare, and therefore debunk your mental blocks towards selling.

Make the most of this focused course to:

  • understand how your limiting beliefs towards selling have been created, and
  • learn strategies to reframe your limiting beliefs and debunk your metal blocks

so that you can embody successful retail sales upon your return in the Spa!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone working in the Spa industry and wishes to jumpstart a transformation in their approach to sales

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