ASAP Methodology for SAP Implementation

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ASAP Methodology


ASAP Methodology (Accelerated SAP) is a standard SAP related project preparation and systems implementation method, developed and updated by consultants that are involved in implementing SAP software products. This methodology is also useful for project managers and others who implement systems that support business processes. The purpose of ASAP is to help project management design SAP implementation in the most efficient manner possible, by effectively optimizing time, people, quality, and other resources. Using the ASAP methodology, project management provides the roadmap for optimizing and continuous implementation of SAP systems in business processes. This solution was developed to guarantee a successful, cost-effective and on-time delivery of all project solutions. Developed by SAP (System Applications and Products) in order to optimize business suites, this framework streamlines the use of methods, tools, accelerators, and templates that were originally developed for SAP projects. The Accelerated SAP methodology framework consists of five phases of implementation; each phase of the roadmap provides detailed plans to assist in documentation, recommendations, and implementation of SAP systems. Each phase of the process ends with a quality check that helps monitor the deliverables and other factors of critical success. The core set of rules and equipment are designed to provide reliable, consistent and rapid results to the clients for getting business’s operations solutions. The framework accumulates the use of tools, methods, templates and accelerators, which were originally designed by the SAP for enhancing the business operations. The ASAP methodology SAP implementation phases take five steps to complete the process. ASAP implementation methodology helps the SAP system to be recommended, documented, and implemented successfully. It helps the project teams with checklists, guidelines, tools, questionnaires, and guidebooks as well. The ASAP methodology steps include preparation of the project, business blueprint, realization, overviewing, implementing and supporting the activities.

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