Assertiveness- For powerful personality

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Command respect and communicate effectively in challenging situations


Course consists of 5 videos & 5 quizzes which will take you through a process of mastering assertiveness.

Course Language is English

The videos have been kept small in size and each video is followed by MCQ`s.

There is a total 17 minutes of video content distributed into 5 videos.

Following topics are covered in the course video and the assessments:

1) Aggressive communication- categorization, advantages & disadvantages

2) Passive/Submissive communication-categorization, advantages & disadvantages

3) Assertive Communication- categorization, advantages & disadvantages

4) Golden rule of assertiveness

5) Rules to practice assertiveness

Few examples from healthcare and personal lives have been used to explain the strategies. The learning could be implemented in all challenging interactions wherein being assetive is crucial.

The course could be used by individuals or HR professionals to train their teams.

Whether it`s a personal interaction or professional one, the rules of assertiveness are applicable everywhere.

Professionally, it`s best applicable in jobs/businesses wherein there are frequent customer interactions.

Sales and service jobs like receptions, doctors, nurses, car dealerships, retail outlets etc

Teachers, students, lawyers, engineers and consultants could benefit equally from this course.

The course covers techniques to be assertive in all life interactions

The correct approach to go through the course-

Watch the course video and take down notes. Go through the MCQ`s based upon the learning.

On course completion you`ll be able to answer questions like:

What is assertive communication?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being assertive?

How to handle tricky situations when people try to be rude to us?

What is the Golden rule of assertiveness

What are the tips and rules to use assertiveness in day to day life?

Who this course is for:

  • Working professionals and students who wish to gain high self esteem through communication

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