Bash Beginners Course: Become a Bash Scripting Superhero!

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Bash shell scripting course, where we will learn things like: writing a shell script, redirection, functions and more!


In this course I will teach you how to get started with bash scripting. We will learn the fundamentals of bash scripting and create an entire bash script in the end as our end project. Join the course!

We will learn thing such as how to write a shell script, variables, functions, exit codes and more! Here is a complete overview of all the topics:

  • Introduction
  • Basic commands
  • Writing your first bash script
  • Variables
  • Positional arguments
  • Output/Input redirection
  • Test operators
  • If/Elif/Else
  • Case statements
  • Arrays
  • For loop
  • Functions
  • Exit codes
  • AWK
  • SED

If you are completely new to bash scripting, don’t worry! The course is made so that anyone can jump in. We work with WSL, for which I have a video on my YouTube channel (link in my profile page), so the course can be easily stepped into if you are on a Windows computer! If you don’t know anything about the Linux shell, on don’t know your way around a terminal, there is another course on here as well that explains the basics of Linux.

If you are already well rounded in Bash, you can have a look at the final project and see if you can manage to create it yourself!

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for more Linux related content. Have fun and happy studying!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner course for bash scripting for absolute beginners!

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