Character rigging in 3ds max complete lesson in hindi part 1

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How to rig humunoid charcter in 3ds max complete lesson


3ds max has a number of rigging tools some are very easy to use others are more complex typically we start with the simpler tools and work towards the more complex ones in the rig generally the goal is to keep the rig as simple as possible so simpler tools tend to fit this goal.

rigging in 3ds max is an interesting part of modeling work rigging gives the motion to any model of our project as same as we see objects in our daily lives, such as moving our body parts the motion of a car etc you can give any type of rigging according to your requirements in your project.

rigging is a process that makes complex assemblies of objects easier to animate and manage rigging is most commonly associated with character animation but the same tools directly apply to complex mechanical objects and assemblies.

What is rigging and why is it important

rigging Its role in construction
a rigger knows which hitches to tie and how much weight it can support riggers are responsible for keeping loads balanced and stable and transporting heavy material through even the tightest spaces while avoiding hazards

in this we are going to learn complete character rigging fast and easy

starting from

bones setup

making controllers




pole vector

remaining ll cover in part 2 comming soon …..

in part 2 we lll complete this human character rigging

thank you

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