Finding Forgiveness and Trust in Marriage

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Exploring the “languages” that best build relationships


Has there been someone in your life you’ve had a struggle forgiving and trusting?

The need for forgiveness is part of the human condition. It’s integral to satisfaction in life and marriage.

In this course, I guide you through many factors of forgiveness healing and trusting as you seek for a better you, and a delightful marriage.

The topics we cover will be:

  • Your Animal Forgiveness Type
  • My Journey to Forgiveness
  • The Gatekeeper; accepting myself
  • The Language of Forgiveness
  • Resurfacing Emotions
  • The Language of Trust
  • The Magic Ratio
  • Language of the Heart
  • Contrasting Love Languages
  • Language of Spirit
  • Languages Pairing for Truth
  • Extra! Body Language

After this course, you’ll be able to:

Discover your animal forgiveness type and what this might mean to you and your spouse.

Through an experience with a difficult individual in my life, see if you relate or resonate with my story of escaping the “prison,” knowing the real gatekeeper, accepting myself and others tough to forgive, and forging life-changing realizations about forgiving, including forgiving and remembering, and implementing the actual language of forgiving.

Find out what God finally whispered to me about what was truth in my difficult relationship, what I learned boundaries, and some powerful analogies and ultimate lessons learned.

Process and resolve resurfacing emotions to be more forgiving.

Trust wisely and be more trusting by implementing the 2 Parts of trust, the 5 Waves of trust, and 13 Behaviors to increasing trust.

Discover how the Magic Ratio in marriage and other relationships can increase connection and happiness together.

Access the messages of your heart!

Love better through more than words or actions. (You’ll be convinced here!)

Find meaning in relational pairing of truth to trust, of ultimate “knowing.”

Extra!: Incorporate body language into your marriage and relationships for a whole new perspective!

If marriage is to work, we must decide to understand one another’s language enough to get to our combined ultimate goal – to be determined by both in the marriage: It may be happiness, fun, connectedness, support, respect, and of course, love.

I hope this course will help you see the power of repeated forgiveness, trust, power of the heart, and connecting spirits so that you can speak fluently together.

Who this course is for:

  • The need for forgiveness is part of the human condition. You will resonate most with this course if there has been an individual with which you have had struggle forgiving and trusting.

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