Create 5 Easy Menus for your websites

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Transition and animations for web navbars


Hi Guys!

WELCOME TO THE COURSE “Create 5 Menu navbars for your websites”

This course is divided in 5 Sections, the content of every video is explained below:

First Section: Intro

Get the summary of this course with all the details about all the menus you will be doing.

Second Section: Dropdown Menu

Create a transition for the Menu Icon with the transform property, from a vertical hamburger icon to an arrow facing down.

Add a shadow to your navbar and shadow to the links

Create an animation for the links when you hover them.

Improve your Css skills

Second Section: Gradient side bar menu

Create a hamburger Icon with a gradient color that will transform into a gradient “X” once you click on it.

Add a transition for the menu Icons as well as the responsive navbar and menu links.

Create a hover animations for the links by switching the colors of each of them.

Third Section: Full Height menu

Create a minimalist transition for the hamburger Icon when clicked.

Display a full height menu when clicking on the menu Icon with a nice transition using the transform property.

Fourth Section: Shift side bar Menu

Create a side bar menu that shift the background image when clicking on the Icon.

Rotate the arrow icon 180 degrees to when clicking on it with the transform property and the value rotate.

Fifth Section: Icons side bar Menu

Create a side bar menu with Icons on the left side of the page that show the link’s name when you hover on the navigation bar

Add a gradient background to the links when hover them, also a zoom-in animation.

Add a transition for the navbar.


All the code is made under the html File including the Css Code and JavaScript.

Each menu has a zip file attached that you can find on the “resources” with the html files and images.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermediate programmers and web developers
  • Beginner web designers

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