Creativity and Design Thinking Master Class TM

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With Real Time Case Study and Case Method


About the Master Class:

This course talks about the importance of design thinking and how skill should be enhanced being a designer. Also what is not design thinking and what are the misconceptions regarding the design thinking has been discussed. Innovation explained with very simple terms and a small activity for people to understand innovation. Also IDEO principles have been applied to make sure people understand the design thinking process and the mindset which one needs to have. Along with that, how to use the actual method to hydrate more to have many options in order to be more creative in the process because it’s not the result that matters but it is the process that matters the most.

Benefits of the Master Class:

  1. Students can learn in-depth knowledge of design thinking process starting from empathising ideating redefining the problems prototyping testing and feedback.
  2. Why Iteration is really important for evolving a better design solution by applying design thinking principles for any project or design process.
  3. INNOVATION explained in very simple terms with a simple activity and real-time cohesion of the result is what has been found.
  4. It is very clear that innovation comes only by process. You can’t visualise something beforehand once you start doing action you will visualise that is the meaning of innovation and everybody can be innovative and creative.
  5. How IDEO design thinking principles can be applied to a process and how we can tune our mindset to understand the basics of the process.
  6. How to connect the dots and be creative along the process, because creativity is about connecting every thing starting from social political status behaviour of the people, psychology of the community, economic status evolution and history long policies etc and how do you communicate and connect to solve a problem.
  7. Using commonsensical methods to solve many problems in design.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants learn creativity skills and apply
  • Anyone who wants learn design thinking skills and apply
  • Anyone who wants be innovative in Personal and professional life and get success

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