Dashboard with Advance Pivot

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Play more with Pivot by creating interactive Dashboard


In this course, you will be guided step by step to create the beautiful and attractive dashboard using Pivot and Pivot chart option. You will also learn how to make it dynamic and interactive using slicer. Post completion of this course, you would be more powerful and confident in using Pivot tables effectively. As a bonus section, I have also included to freeze the unhide option to protect your raw data. While using the hide option, its quite easy to unhide it, but if you know how to freeze the unhide option, it makes your dashboard more safer.

I have also provided raw data excel file which is used in this curriculum and have also provided the final version of dashboard for your reference.

This course is designed using Excel 2016 and it works well for all the above version as well as 2010+. However, I would recommend to use Excel 2016 or above to learn this course

If have not completed my basic course on Pivot Table, then I would recommend you to go to my profile, and under list of courses, complete “Learn Pivot “Tables In Excel From Scratch” and then visit this section.

Happy learning and wish you good luck.

Who this course is for:

  • An Individual who wants to derive meaningful insights from data and make decisions

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