Data Analytics for Managers – Course by a CIO

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Data Management and Analytics knowledge will help you shine and get the recognition you deserve by your leaders


Digital Technologies with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are reshaping the world we live in. In this digital world, Data takes center stage. Many say Data is the new oil. Some even say Data is the new Soil. Understanding data gives insights and can help make the most optimum decisions.

Organizations that can leverage data can not only compete and also can thrive in their markets. If not already done, many organizations are racing to become data-driven organizations.

Understanding data analytics is critical for career growth for technology and business professionals. Whether in IT, Marketing, Sales, or Business Management, learning Data skills will help you shine in any conversation. You will get the recognition you deserve from your leaders.

For leaders, being analytical is not sufficient. Understanding the data landscape and type of analytics sets them apart from their peers. This knowledge helps them ask the right questions and develop creative solutions to business problems.

This course is developed by a former Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Chief Information Office (CIO) with experience in leading organization transformation with Data Analytics.

  • Learn about Big Data and what makes it Big
  • Learn types of Data including structured and unstructured
  • Learn Data Architecture including the purpose of data warehouse / data lake
  • Importance of data visualization and dashboards
  • Types of Analytics – Descriptive, Predictive Analytics
  • Learn about what makes a company data-driven

Intentionally, this course is kept SHORT to convey what matters for professionals like you to use the key learnings immediately at work.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to stay successful and advance their career in the Digital World
  • Anyone who wants to understand the Data landscape and what makes data is so important
  • Any Technology and Business professionals looking to lead data-driven initiatives

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