Design of FIR filter using Windowing Technique in MATLAB

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Implement FIR filter using MATLAB


Welcome to the course, “Finite Impulse Response(FIR) Filter Design using windowing In MATLAB “.

Hello students, I am Mrs. Sanjivani P. Munot , Working as an Associate Professor in Electronics and Telecommunication department.

I have taught this subject many times before , I have done various experiments while teaching this subject.

This course is very useful for those who wish to get excellence in digital signal processing.

In this course we are going to study following points

Definition of FIR and IIR filter

Advantages and disadvantages of FIR filter

Linear phase FIR filter

Impulse response of filter

Zeros of filter

Gibbs Phenomenon

Windowing techniques


Summary of windows

MATLAB programming

After completion of this course learner will be able to:-

Understand the properties of FIR filter.

Acquire knowledge related how to achieve linear phase response.

Describe frequency response of linear phase FIR filters for different cases.

Explain about the locations of zeros.

Design FIR filter using different windows.

Summaries on window selection.

Implement FIR filters using window techniques

Analyze the performance of FIR filter by using MATLAB

This course is useful in various areas such as signal processing, speech processing, Image processing, Digital communication and Biomedical applications ,Military application, Instrumentation and Control, Seismology , consumer electronics.

I am sure that after completing this course you can implement different types of FIR filter using MATLAB.

Digital signal processors have grater accuracy, cheapest , ease of data storage, Implementation of sophisticated algorithms,Flexibility in configuration, applicability of VLF signals

Who this course is for:

  • Third and Fourth year engineering students
  • Those who are Interested in digital signal processing

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