Designing Tokenomics 101 Course

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Master designing and evaluate tokenomics


Tokens, tokenization, is the big unlock of the crypto and web3 industry. It鈥檚 the ability to connect digital data to incentives and align incentives between different participants in a way that web2 hasn鈥檛 been able to achieve.

Do it well, and you can supercharge your product by aligning incentives and building a community aligned with your goals. Mess it up and your incentives will unravel along with your project.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • What goes into tokenomics
  • Why use a token in the first place
  • Token supply
    1. Token supply and inflation
    2. Public issuance
    3. Private issuance and vesting
    4. Staking
  • Token demand
    1. Token utility
    2. Memes
    3. ROI
    4. Governance
  • What 95% of token designs do wrong
  • How to explore the blockchain to explore token dynamics
  • Tools to use to design and develop your token economy
  • Building a moat without tokens in web3

Tokenomics incorporates many, many, different domains. It鈥檚 a domain that tries to bridge technological systems, economic systems, human psychology and politics.

About the instructor:

Yosh spent the last decade as an entrepreneur and investor. From managing Toyota Motors’s investment arm to founding Alpe Audio with the mission of enabling on-the-go learning worldwide, to leading tokenomics at both Revelator and OWN protocol, and hosting the Ethereum Audible Podcast. Yosh is passionate about the web3 as it is at the intersection of economics, investing, tech, game design and behavioral psychology.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermediate token designers and economists
  • Web3 builders and investors

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