Disaster Risk Management Course

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Integrated Disaster Risk Management Course


Recent years has brought unprecedented losses in lives and properties as a result of various disasters. In South Asia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan were never spared as hundreds were killed and tens of thousands were affected and hundreds of millions of dollars lost. In Southeast Asia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines had their worst flooding in recent memory. From these countries, billions of dollars in cumulative value of investments were lost. In other parts of the globe, African nations experienced their worst mudslide as a result of flash floods. In North and Latin America, the United States, Chile and Peru had their own share of losses.

These development setbacks had to be prevented or at least mitigated. The course will help in realizing this goal. Hence, government, development and humanitarian organizations are strongly encouraged to attend and participants in this course.


The course will cover the following modules:

Introduction to Integrated Disaster Risk Management

Development of an Integrated Disaster Risk Management Plan

Disaster Preparedness and Response Planning

Disaster Recovery and Rehabilitation

Crosscutting Issues

The Role of the Media in Management

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)

• Mainstreaming GESI n Flood Forecasting and Integrated Flood Management
• GESI Issues in Flood Risks Prevention and Management

Trans-boundary issues and governance in floodplain management

Who this course is for:

  • • Professionals working in disaster risk management • Policy and decision makers • Elected and/or appointed national and local officials and administrators • Development and planning authorities • • Officials in urban planning, housing, public works and water resource management • Emergency preparedness and response personnel

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