Draw a Picasso Painting using the free Paintology app

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Drawing paintings of the past Great Masters can inspire you to be creative and at the same time improve your skills


In this drawing of the famous painting by Pablo Picasso, A woman in a Red Armchair, we replicate the same painting using the free Paintology drawing and painting app.

Drawing on your phone and tablet can be a fun activity especially if you have the right app. With this versatile Paintology app that is available free from the google play store you can rapidly improve your drawing and painting skills while having fun.

If you have admired or been inspired by great artists of the past, you can now do the same painting on your phone or tablet with the Paintology app. Take a peek into the minds of these geniuses by doing one of their very paintings.

In this series of the Great Master series, we produce a replica of the famous painting by Pablo Picasso, A Woman in a red armchair. The video tutorial will show you step by step on how to reproduce this famous painting on your own phone or tablet. I did this replica on my Mi Phone using my finger only and you can do the same. As you do the drawing you will improve your drawing techniques such as your brush strokes, understanding of colors and form and shape.

You can download any image of your choice to your Paintology drawing canvas and start drawing rapidly with little effort. Do drawings of all subjects such as landscapes, cartoons, anime, cityscapes and even photo realistic drawings with the app.

Try many of the Paintology courses in Udemy, just search for Paintology in the search box.

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Who this course is for:

  • Students wanting to improve their drawing and painting techniques
  • Students who are passionate about historical paintings and drawings
  • Students who want to learn a new form of digital drawing and painting
  • Students who want to transition from traditional to digital drawing

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