Dutch Design Week Master Class TM

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With Real Time Case Study and Case Method


About the Master Class:

This course teaches students about Dutch design week which happened in the Netherlands, one of the most celebrated festivals of design across the world. More than 30 to 40 country designers have participated with their exhibits and projects in the expo. Students can learn about product design, fashion design, sustainability design, system design, graphic design, architecture in complete detail how it’s been displayed in the expo. How a designer has a multicultural varied perspective towards designlearning is very important starting from design as well as exhibiting our products internationally.

Benefits of the Master Class:

  1. Students will learn about Dutch design week in the complete perspective of 2019 Netherlands.
  2. Apart from export, students will learn about the architectural beauty of the Netherlands, particularly Dutch architects who are really creative for making very crazy and organic forms of buildings, inspiring the BAUHAUS design.
  3. Netherlands is number one for highest bicycle riders and we can see the sustainability has been spread across the entire city because of this practice.
  4. Students will also learn about the city design and public space design and Community design practices and how Netherlands have created sustainable practices across the city.
  5. How products are creatively displayed in retail shops because I visited 5 to 6 shops in the Netherlands to purchase bags and some of the products I saw really showed how creatively the experience of retail has been made.
  6. With respect to products that explore how sustainable fashion could be seen in the future, the futuristic automotive industry can be transformed by using materials technology et cetera.
  7. Many sustainable materials and housing structure practice has been displayed by students particularly from design background and system design thinkers.
  8. How as a product designer we can adopt a culture of design village where people can station themselves isolated from the social distractions from the community and then try creating products which are making a bigger meaningful and functional appearance.
  9. Starting from the bus travel location stay and discussion with the faculties and explained everything about the different perspectives I got from the Germany Netherlands and compared to Indian designers education system et cetera.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn city design and public space design and Community design practices
  • Anyone who wants to learn Design skills with case studies

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