Edexcel IAS – Russia 1917-91

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Unit 2 – Source Questions


This course gives an indepth and comprehensive look at how to approach the source questions for Edexcel History International AS Level – Unit 2.

Examples are taken from the topic Russia 1917-91 but the concepts and how to approach the question can be applied to any of the topics.

There are two questions for this part of the paper:

  1. Why is Source 1 valuable to the historian for an enquiry into …
  2. How much weight do you give to the evidence of Source 2 for an enquiry into …

The course includes ten indepth videos that break down these questions, such as:

  • the specification;
  • content that needs to be covered for the source questions (8 areas in total);
  • the mark scheme for both questions;
  • examination paper layout;
  • detailed videos on how to analyse the sources;
  • exemplar material that is analysed by a senior examiner.

There are also accompanying PDFs of exam papers, mark schemes and exemplar material are included.

Students will learn exactly how to structure answers to the source questions.

There are model answers that are analysed by a senior examiner for Pearson Edexcel. This shows exactly how the mark scheme is applied, common mistakes, and how you can maximise your chances of attaining full marks.

By the end of the course, students will learn techniques that they can apply to these questions and feel confident in attaining top marks.

Who this course is for:

  • Teachers delivering Edexcel IAS History: Russia 1917-91
  • Students taking Edexcel IAS History: Russia 1917-91

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