English for Kids and Beginners. English Vocabulary.Alphabet.

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Learn alphabets with pictures. How to pronounce English alphabets. How to spell words. Capital letter and small letter.


Learn English using pictures. A course that enables the students to learn English Alphabets. The course will enable the kids or beginners of English language to read or write English alphabets.

The learners can get acquainted with capital letters and small letters of English alphabets. The kids will learn to read and identify English alphabets. The kids can increase their vocabulary.

The kids will learn to identify items with their names in English. The kids will get familiar with the spelling and pronunciation of words.

After the course, the kids will get a wonderful experience regarding the words with the related pictures.

The beginners of English language will also find the course a value addition to their knowledge level.

The kids will become familiar with new words. The learning material will be of a great fun to the students.

The video course will be helpful to preschool kids, nursery kids, kindergarten students, toddlers, very small children, and the beginners of English language.

The learners will learn what are different types of alphabets, how can them be pronounced, what are the different words using those alphabets, identify and name pictures, and how can be the words spelled.

The video course will act as a guide in English language for the students to meet their future academic purpose.

Who this course is for:

  • Kids
  • Beginners in English language

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