Environmental Awareness Training

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Environmental Awareness is the duty of every individual and everyone can take part in preserving the environment.


The importance of taking care of our environment is not stressed enough! After all, it plays a significant role in keeping us alive by providing us with the food we eat, the shelter we live in, the air we breathe in and the water we drink. Without these things, our survival is uncertain.

To make matters worse, statistics show that more than eight million people die each year due to air pollution and more than three million die due to water-related diseases. It is so surprising to think water pollution alone causes more deaths than all the crimes altogether.

This course is designed to train students in environmental awareness, as well as give them an idea of how they can help keep the environment clean and safe. In this course, you will be allowed to explore various topics including the difference between climate change and global warming, along with a look at various types of pollutants and how they are different. You will also learn more about how managers plan for the environment through an understanding of industrial revolutions and the effects they have had on both people and their environment over time. And finally, you’ll be introduced to the concept of carbon footprinting by understanding the various ways people harm their environment

We canā€™t blame and point fingers; instead, we should spread awareness. The first step to spreading awareness is knowing about global environmental issues yourself. This is where our Environmental Awareness Training course comes in, as it will take you through climate change, global warming, different types of pollution and how industrial revelations have caused environmental problems.

Moreover, you will learn about environmental planning and sustainability, how to reduce carbon footprint at home and workplace, how to determine carbon footprint and which industries and professions have a higher risk of long-term pollution.

Who this course is for:

  • Environment enthusiast
  • Students from Environmental studies

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