Financial Planning for the Creatives

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Tips, Tools, and Strategies. Learn about business taxes and wealth creation in the long-term!


Are you a creative who wants to learn ways to save money and put forth a plan and strategy to build a compelling financial future? As a creative, are you pressed for time to understand different aspects of personal finance and their tax implications?

If you answered yes to these questions, then this course is for you.

Hi, I’m Dr. Ujjwal Bikram Khadka. I’m a certified leadership coach, author and an entrepreneur. As a writer and entrepreneur, I have spent hundreds of hours learning about the platform and gathering insights and am thus proud to share those insights with you. Moreover, as a business owner I have learned many aspects of the platform and business creation and also of various other relevant factors like taxes for example. Which i want to bring to the table.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a certified financial planner or tax professional and the insights presented are meant to be used for entertainment and educational purposes only. Product recommendations are not endorsements.)

We’ll first start by discussing the overall picture of the platform. We’ll explore our thoughts, mindsets and fears around money. We’ll understand how it helps fulfill our basic needs and yet there is a need to evaluate and recognize our own motivations around money.

Then, we’ll delve into understanding credit cards, credit scores, different avenues for investing. We’ll know the various factors that come into being while investing in stocks. We’ll know why investing in Mutual funds are a great way to go.

We will discuss and share very important points on taxation for creatives.

Why is money important to us? It helps fulfill our basic needs: the need to have a roof over our head, to have food on the table, and to have safety and purpose. And it goes from there, right?

We’ll learn and understand why learning about the thoughts, and mindset behind the platform will be a great sage way into wealth creation.

Basically, exploring our takes on the platform and knowing the difference between living in a fear-based mentality vs living in bounty is a way to gauge our needs and to understand our relationship with money. We’ll talk about how to leverage the power of capital.

Also, it’s good to be mindful about those things we don’t need, and not spending money on things we don’t need. But let us be giving towards others and towards ourselves. These are some concepts that are discussed in the class. Moreover, there are tips to save, budget and invest.

More business owners spend considerable time and money to understand how various factors affect various business entities. This course will save you resources by handing out tips and tools that are “immediately applicable to your business creation and wealth building”.

The course harps on the importance of investing for and in the long-term. Why? Because wealth creation takes time; capital building takes time and considerable thoughtful strategies. Investing is about waiting, speculating and putting forth a plan. So, to that effect, this course will prove to be a game changer.

In this course we’ll learn:

1. Why it’s important to operate out of bounty when it comes to money matters and why that’s important

2. Ways to utilize and optimize credit cards effectively. We’ll understand about credit scores and learn how they play into our overall wealth building repertoire

3. Learn ways and avenues to invest effectively

4. Understand how taxes affect your particular business

5. We’ll understand and learn how to budget and save

6. We’ll learn the differences between different business entities and their related tax implications and why or how creating an S-corporation opens up possibilities and opportunities

7. We’ll learn about investing in real estate and stocks

8. We’ll learn about Mutual funds and why investing in them is a great way to go.

Who this course is for:

  • 1. Creative Entrepreneurs.
  • 2. Business owners
  • 3. Anyone who wants to better their finances.
  • 4. Students of Personal Finance.

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