Flowcode Certification: Bachelors of Offline to Online

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Become an industry expert in Offline to Online technology.


Welcome to Flowcode University! By taking this course, you’ll become a certified expert in Offline to Online (‘O2O’) marketing using Flowcode’s unique suite of tools.

What is Flowcode? Flowcode creates direct to consumer connections through dynamic QR code technology and fully customizable landing pages. Our technology is backed by real-time data, analytics and robust reporting capabilities allowing you to track the engagement your campaigns receive in the real world. Flowcode also integrates with the major companies you use to run your business, from CRM platforms to automation tools.

Who does this course benefit? Any business or individual who cares about connecting with their customers instantly will benefit from this course. Resellers and consultants will also find value in this certification in order to strengthen their credibility when going to market with Flowcode. This is a one-size-fits all course, so don’t hesitate to share it amongst your peers and colleagues.

How is Flowcode different from competition? While there are multiple QR code generator platforms available, not all offer the same services and privacy protection. If you’re searching for a platform that provides enhanced customization features, real-time data, integrations, and GDPR and CCPA privacy protection, Flowcode is the best option for you and your clients.

Who is Flowcode for? From Fortune 500s to neighborhood coffee shops, Flowcode serves a wide range of businesses, creators, and companies of all sizes. Common industries where you’ll see Flowcodes are entertainment, event, sports, real estate, consumer packaged goods, design — but the list goes on. Virtually every industry can benefit from using Flowcode QR codes to connect with their audience. Afterall, we work with over 3 million creators.

This course is completely FREE and is meant for those interested in creating quality connections with their consumers.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to become a certified expert in Flowcode’s suite of tools.

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