Fry Scream, False Chord Growl/ Scream, Distortion – BASICS

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How to begin your adventure with screaming, growling and distortion in a healthy and effective way.


Welcome to the basic extreme vocals course where you will learn the most essential foundations that are necessary for a safe beginning of your adventure with screaming, growling and singing with distortion without hurting your voice!
Before you are going to start any exercises, I invite you to read a short insight into the principles of every existing vocal technique. It will help you to begin your practice from the best possible point and to avoid the most common mistakes that could limit your progress in the future!
Alright, let’s begin!
Every vocal technique (including extreme vocal techniques like fry scream or false chord) consists of the 5 main elements:

1. Proper posture

2. Breathing technique

3. Breath support

4. Voice emission

5. Vocal effects (grit, scream, growl, compression etc.)

1. Why posture matters so much while doing vocals❓

Posture is important due to how it impacts the way your muscles work – if they are in balance or maybe they are too tight or too relaxed. Besides that, posture affects the way you breathe, determining if it’s deep or shallow❗️

2. Why is breathing technique so important❓

If your breathing is shallow, you are going to create extra pressure that works against your vocal folds, which beside causing a discomfort, will also limit your ability to use the breath support correctly and your full vocal range will suffer❗️

It will also quicken your vocal fatigue and make screaming almost impossible or painful to perform due to high air pressure and constrictions in the throat.

A combination of the proper posture and good breathing technique not only helps to avoid unhealthy constrictions and pressure in your body, especially in your throat, but it also makes it much easier to engage your diaphragm (and muscles that surround it) more effectively in order to perform the breath support for performing vocals.

3. What is “breath support”❓

It’s an ability to use your diaphragm and deeper muscles in your belly and back that surround it when you perform the vocals, both singing and screaming.

The higher, louder and more distorted vocals you want to create, the more important breath support is.

Solid breath support will help you to keep your throat opened and free from constrictions, helping you to sing and scream with more power, wider range and deeper sound without using too much effort❗️

Breath support is a crucial part of the voice emission.

4. Why is voice emission important even when you only want scream and not do any clean vocals❓

Because, proper voice emission will help you to enrich your natural sound color, develop your vocal range, decrease the effort you put into singing or screaming, find the proper placement for using the compression, screaming and other vocal effects while avoiding any unnecessary tension and pressure in your throat, jaw, neck and larynx!

Having good voice emission doesn’t mean you have to become an outstanding singer. Of course, it can help, but you don’t even have to sing at all❗️

It’s simply about using proper posture, good breathing technique and the support while using your own, unique voice so it would flow free from any kind of obstacles in a naturally powerful and effortless way!

It’s much easier then to find a comfortable and best sounding placement for your scream, growl, distortion, gutturals or any other technique that you want to master and to learn faster while keeping your voice completely safe❗️

It’s a little bit like building a house – everyone wants their house to be durable, stable and safe so what you do in the beginning is to prepare the ground and set solid foundations. Then you build the walls and the house itself, you connect it to the water and electricity etc.

Now the house is ready for painting the walls, furnishing and decorations.

It sounds logical when we talk about building houses but why the most of the vocalists around the world focus on “decorations and furnishment” at first when their “foundations and walls” are not there or they are really poor and not reliable❓

It may seem complicated but it’s pretty simple once you start to practice, especially if you have access to well-organised effective tools and materials helping you make sure that each step you take leads towards your desired direction.

This free course is one of such tools!
However it’s limited to only 2 hours… So if you look for more exercises, deeper insight into the world of extreme vocals and more ways of mastering your desired vocal style, check out the Ultimate Extreme Vocals Course – a complete, step-by-step guide packed with 7 hours of new exercises, examples and explanation of any existing extreme vocal technique – fry scream, false chord growl/ scream, singing with distortion, pig squeal, gutturals and yell scream!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Singers
  • Beginner Vocalists
  • Beginner Screamers
  • Beginner Metal Vocalists
  • Beginner Extreme Vocalists

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