Full Track to be Oracle APEX Developer [ Arabic ]

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الطريق الى أوراكل أبكس


In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Our course is about Oracle APEX

The course will be simple and well organized

we will go through each part step by step

we will try not to miss anything,

and if we missed something and you asked about

we will come back to you with the answer.

The course will be divided into many levels

The standard course for the beginners

will be on high priority, we will publish the level and put timetable

to continue the next level not to wait too much

for example, in October we will announce that we will do

1,2,3, etc…

For who does not know, what is oracle APEX?

It is a new technology, started to spread fast nowadays, but it started in 2004 or before

and many versions were announced before like 3.2, 4.2, 4.5, 5.1, 5.2

till they linked the level with the database itself

Why do they call it APEX 18 although the last version is 5.2?

because they started the link with the database.

Oracle Developer 13 was announced with APEX 18, etc..

till the last version 19.1 which we will work on.

TO understand APEX

Oracle wanted to link web designers and developers with APEX

What did they do?

they linked APEX and oracle database with web technology

you can use html, CSS and Java Script with their libraries

with your PI/SQL code

at first, you need very simple experience in PI/SQL to work with APEX

when you increase your experience in PI/SQL, you will be developed fast

also, if you know html, this will help you much

if you know CSS, this will help also

if you added java script, you will be a professional APEX developer

okay guys!

this is the sequence

So Why APEX?

APEX is web based

what does “web based” mean?

it means that you do not need a user interface to work on

C# needs visual studio

Android needs Android studio

But in APEX, you work directly on the browser

In addition, APEX was developed with APEX

Everything you use in APEX was developed with APEX

in addition, “No Coding” option makes you write less codes

While developing, there is always adding, deleting or modifying

The order that could take 5 steps to achieve, now you can make it in 2 steps

and instead of coding, you use wizard

To make your focus more on the business

So now you do not have to think how to make Update, Insert or Delete

you can make it directly

it is a great advantage to use “No Coding” option

that means very few codes!

and it is web based so you are using only the browser

and for sure it is so secure

also, you can make Host-Publish as you want

you have all the web technologies and advantages

at the same time, you have all the power of oracle database and PI/SQL

so, it is obvious that “No Coding” option makes you make

Solution & Success so fast and fast prototype

in addition to teaching resources and ready applications that you can learn from

also, the support is pretty good with APEX

in the past, we had to search for information for months to find a solution

now the support is very good from both sides

side 1: Oracle and PI/Sql developers

side 2: web and java script developers

Every short period of time, they publish new Plugins

This is not the case in any other programming language as I know

when you make a new item, so you need to add a specific feature

in the past, you write a code.

but now, when you find a plugin with the function that you need,

you just import this plugin to the application

the plugin can be item, process, region, etc…

plugin can be for anything in APEX

for example, plugin as dynamic action

plugin as a chart, plugin as item

plugin as a process

plugin as a region

so you can find a plugin for every component inside APEX

and this plugin was tested, and you can find a description for it easily

when the plugin becomes so popular and lots of developer use it

you will find the new version of it built in

APEX is a very good technology that attracted most of old oracle forums developers

because there is no high demand for oracle forums

this may be because of its interface

or because the customers need something online using web

APEX also attracted ADF developers because they faced problems in the rendering time

and also, they need java to work in ADF

but in APEX, you do not need rendering

you can modify online easily

you can “Run” and change the page immediately for the user

APEX also attracted the web developers who works on php

because they found it easier not to write codes for Update, Insert, Delete, etc…

That is why APEX attracted web developers

APEX is being developed so fast

Salaries in APEX are so HIGH

because the number of developers is still low

when you search for oracle developers, you will find a lot.

(With respect for them for sure)

But APEX developers are so few

SO, it is a good opportunity for new developers to enter now!

you will find good opportunities for jobs

because number of APEX developers is low

they are few chances but great chances!

we will start the course and go through everything

if I missed something, just ask me and I will cover next times

we will upload a new lessons every time,

will try to continue Add a lessons

the first level will include the standard lessons which the beginner needs

then we will introduce the security part, templates, themes, advanced then projects

the course will be continuous and updated

I have just received many offers to make the course online with higher price

but I preferred to make it as a reference for anyone

because some people watched the old course on YouTube

but there were many questions and ambiguities

the videos were so long, not well organized and without index

so, I decided to make this course in a very good way

and as I told you, it will be continuous and updated each period of time.

for example, starting from January or February

we will listen to the reviews and the suggestions about the course

and we would help you in some projects if you asked for this

the course will be so helpful for you for good job opportunities

for who know APEX, this will be a very good reference for you.

If I made mistakes, I hope you tell me

Because all my study in APEX is a self-study

so, there are some stuff that I am doing it for the first time with you

because I never needed it or used it

each new information will be added to the course

as I told you, it will be continuous and a reference for all developers

I ask God that you like the content, and I am happy for

your questions and reviews

there will be an advanced part for the questions that you will ask

we will also continue uploading some free videos for who cannot pay for the course

Who this course is for:

  • beginner and professional oracle apex Developer

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