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Growth Hacking Your Business for the Post-Pandemic Economic Boom. Tune in to our course to learn more.


Growth Hacking Your Business for the Post-Pandemic Economic Boom.

Post pandemic shifts in customer preferences are expected to be significant. The Economist and the Wall Street Journal both predict that a historic economic boom is just around the corner. New business formation is surging across the world, as entrepreneurs seek to fill gaps in the market. Growth and marketing strategies during this period will therefore need significant changes, if not a complete overhaul. Tune in to our course to learn more.

An Economic Expansion Like no Other

Business Standard estimates that second-quarter growth is going to be the strongest since 1950s. This will be driven by surging customer spending and demand. At the same time, there will also be an “attention recession” as vaccinations encourage more people to leave their screens. Find out all the key steps that your business can take to market, automate, and streamline itself through this economic wave.

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1. How Customer Engagement has Been Revolutionised in the (Post)Pandemic World

2. Revised Marketing and Advertising Strategies for the (Post)Pandemic Economic Boom

3. Small and Medium Business Tactics for the (Post)Pandemic Economic Boom

4. Automation and Growth Hacks in the (Post)Pandemic Economic Boom

5. Experimentation and Conversion Tracking in the (Post)Pandemic Economic Boom

Who this course is for:

  • Marketers, Business leaders, Business holders, Startup founders, CXOs, Marketing managers, Marketing analyst, Digital Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Specialists, Marketing Generalists, Content managers.

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