Hatha Yoga + Nutrition For Diabetes

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Yoga & Nutrition To Prevent And Control Diabetes


I have designed this course for those are suffering from Diabetes and pre diabetic stage and for whom who has a family history in Diabetes. Along with medication. The course will help you as an alternative therapy in Diabetes management through yoga and nutrition.

In this course you will learn the fundamental concept of Diabetes ( what is diabetes? how diabetes happens? Different types of diabetes etc.)

You will learn how you can practice Hatha yoga as an alternative therapy to control Diabetes.

Nutrition play’s an important role to control diabetes. In this course you will learn nutrition as an alternative therapy in Diabetes management.

You will learn how to practice joints mobility and cardio exercises properly along with


As per sequence I have designed 12 yoga postures with proper breathing pattern to reduce hyperglycemia.


Learn deep breathing exercises properly. Deep breathing increases life energy and you will get maximum benefits in Diabetes.


You will learn how to Meditate correctly. Meditation also helps you to reduce blood glucose levels and control Diabetes.

Apart from these you’ll also learn about Ayurvedic daily routine to make the journey more smooth.

Remember that a patient should follow the advice given by the Doctor, after that he/she can introduce yoga and nutrition as an alternative therapy.

Who this course is for:

  • A person who has a family history of Diabetes
  • A person who is in pre diabetic state
  • A person who is suffering from Diabetes

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