HEARThrive – Module 5 – Vitamins and Supplements

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Take the Right Vitamins and Supplements for Your Heart


Taking vitamins and supplements is your personal choice. This subject is very controversial. Most likely, if you use common sense, you’ll likely not cause any harm by taking some supplements. It may however put a dent in your pocketbook. Module 5 of HEARThrive will guide you toward taking the optimal vitamins and supplements that could most likely support your heart health, without going overboard. Often, mainstream doctors tend to not necessarily agree that taking supplements will do much good. Alternative and naturopathic specialists are usually much more supportive of the idea. Just be aware that in some instances they will try to sell and oversell supplements to you because it is part of their business model to make a profit. You might have to weigh the cost/benefit ratio, i.e. how much money are you prepared to spend to get the benefit you are hoping for? In this module we will focus on the vitamins and supplements that give you the “biggest bang for your buck.” Just be sure to source quality products once you have decided which ones you want to take, even if they sometimes are a little more expensive. There is no ulterior motive in HEARThrive to sell vitamins to you, because that’s not what do. We simply want you to be able to make educated choices and discover what might work best for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Whether you take vitamins and supplements yourself or are curious to learn which ones will benefit you most and give you the biggest band for your buck, HEARThrive Module 5 will cut through the confusion and complexity and save you time and money.

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