Highland Bagpipe Basic Exercises – Absolute Beginners

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Learn the Highland Bagpipe step by step.


Highland Bagpipe Lessons – Basic Exercises 1 + 2 – learn the Highland Bagpipe step by step with Andy Hambsch – cetified by the College of Piping Glasgow

The first step: basic melody notes of the Highland Bagpipe. These nine notes are the absolute foundation.

For this course for absolute beginners you need a Practice Chanter and ideally the “Bagpipe Tutorial Book” by Andreas Hambsch.

This course is suitable for all languages.

Andreas Hambsch began playing the bagpipes in 1993. He has won many high profile solo competitions and for some years was also a member of a Scottish Grade 1 professional pipe band, competing against the best pipe bands in the world.

In 2007, he completed his teachers examination at the Scottish College of Piping and received the colleges highest diploma in the art of bagpipe playing in 2010. He then opened a bagpipe school and since then has worked as a full time teacher tutoring students from all over the world.

Andreas Hambsch also hosts band workshops, teaches at international summer and winter schools and makes a major contribution towards making Scottish music better known all over the world. Thanks to his musical and social skills as a bagpipe teacher, he is very popular with his students and his services as a teacher are very much in demand.

Who this course is for:

  • Interested people who would like to learn the Scottish bagpipe and have no or little previous knowledge.

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