How to create Flow

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Create Flow on demand


WITHOUT learning and applying the principles in this course, you will:

Experience excessive focus on disempowering social medial

Excessive disempowering focus on the results and lag indicators stunting your job, progress and growth

Get caught up in low priority battles that feel good but fail to achieve anything meaningful

Give in to immediate comfort

Become stuck in stale and disempowering thought patterns

Feel dominated by the task when it feels too overwhelming

WITH learning and applying the principles in this course, you will:

Enjoy a daily tools to put you into flow state

Experience life working for you

Learn to control the controllables

Experience increased peace and bliss

Enjoy unconscious competence

Learn how to focus on the ‘lead’ indicators

Learn how to create internal motivation through visualisation techniques

Learn how to break through any blockage and limitation in the way of completing a task

If you do not understand how to create and maintain flow, you will remain a victim to the moment, caught up in the impulses of your survival brain and the demands and temptations of the moment. You will be clock watching, longing for the time out, the weekends, vacations and quick fixes to save you from your dissatisfaction.

If you do learn and apply the principles of flow creation and maintenance, you will be more fulfilled and at peace. You will be more relaxed and enjoy a great emotional capacity and resiliency. You will be more productive and experience a improvement in self-esteem and self-belief.

Who this course is for:

  • People wanting to improve their focus and productivity

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