How to monitor Child Development (For Parents & Caregivers)

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Know about your children’s health so that your child does not lag behind others. Every child is important for us!


Monitoring of Child growth and development is important for both Parents as well as for Health Professionals. You will learn child ages and stages of growth development in relation to different perspectives. It also covers the personality, learning styles and parent tips.

This course is specially designed for all health care professionals, caregivers and especially for parents. It will help you to understand the essentials of child growth and development according to its milestones. Discussion on developmental milestone of Birth to 14 years of age; that will cover what child needs and what child likes.

Complete overview of Child gross and fine movement related to every age stage.

Understanding what makes child feel at the different age stages, knowing the activities and what he loves, enjoys. It leads a parents, caregivers and health professionals the outline of child growth. Join this course now to increase your expert level as a good parents or child care expert.

I have more work experience in pediatric disorders such as toes walking, heel walking, spinal disorder, delayed walk, delayed sitting, crawling etc. If you want to ask anything related to child growth and its development then inbox me I’ll share more data with you.

Who this course is for:

  • What is human growth and development? To find out this answer, you should enroll in this course. Every child has its different growth pattern but the same age and stage so, everyone should now about the normal pattern of child growth with its complete knowledge of stages. At any stage what will be the physical, mental and social growth reach. So, after knowing these element you can differentiate the normal age issues vs abnormal age issues. In this course milestones are also elaborated in a proper way, that any of non-health professionals can understand them easily even a parents, It will help those parents too whose child are affected with delayed milestones or consider as slow learners. If the root cause of any growth and developmental retardation pick up at its initial stages then management will be possible because it also affect the individuals’ (child) relationship too in the future.

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