HTML for QA Testers (DevTools, Accessibility, XPath)

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Become a better QA by expanding your skills. With HTML you can test accessibility and create stable automation xpats


If you would like to become a successful QA, Business Analyst or Product Owner professional, you need to expand your skills to address demand in development. Understanding development fundamentals and learning how HTML could be beneficial for your day-to-day activity is crucial.

In this course, together, we will go over a high-level overview of web development, we will discover where to learn HTML and what online tools give us an opportunity to practice HTML and CSS live.

After we have learned HTML structure, common tags, and attributes, we will move on to Accessibility testing. Many big companies today comply with accessibility standards and require employers to perform this type of testing. If you never did it before, not a problem. In this course, I am explaining what Accessibility testing is, where to find standards and how to test a web page for accessibility.

And last but not least I will drive you into the world of web locators. We will learn what is XPATH, what are the parts of it, and how to create responsive and custom XPATH by utilizing freshly learned HTML skills. This is the most important part of any automation activity because it provides you with a solid and stable automated test case.

The course is short but very informative! I hope your learning experience will be fun!

Who this course is for:

  • QA Testers, QA Engineers, QA Analysts, Business Analysts

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