Improving Communication with Students Using Gamification

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Applying human-focused design (Gamification) to communication with students to engage them better


This course is a beginner-level introduction to the design model of Gamification and how it can be applied to communication with students to engage them better. This course will help professionals identify what role they play in a student’s user experience and educational journey, the benefits Gamification can have for students, the types of students we may interact with, and how to incorporate human-focused design (Gamification) into communication with students.

The higher education system is in crisis and students are not satisfied with their college experience. Those working in higher education in any capacity, need to disrupt it and bring innovative approaches to our practices to influence change. As professionals, students should always be at the center of the work we do. To be more student-centered we need to be more human-centered in our skills and practices in higher education. We must emphasize the importance of understanding student characteristics, the student experience, and their motivations to finish their degree.

The process of Gamification or human-focused design (a better term to describe the process and design model) can help professionals identify the characteristics of the student they are interacting with and understand what motivates them. When we understand our students and their motivations for attending college, we can customize our communications with them to engage them better.

Who this course is for:

  • Higher education employees who wish to improve the student experience and student success by improving their communication with gamification. This audience works in higher education and will already have knowledge of the higher education system. They have experience communicating with students and helping students along their academic journey.

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