In Person Guitar Lesson With A Beginner – Your First Month

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Ultimate Guide To Your First Month Of Playing Acoustic Guitar – Fix Common Issues and Error While Getting Real Feedback.


This in-person guitar lesson with a real beginner will teach you all you need to know and troubleshoot all the common issues of your first month of playing guitar; differently from other lessons; you will have instant feedback/solutions from my session with Beatrice (a beginner player) for all the issues you are most likely facing.

Go from the first acoustic guitar lesson to the first easy guitar songs with just 30 minutes of practice per day. The course includes:

  • Hand Exercises
  • Open Chords
  • A detailed explanation of to improve chords and avoid sore hand/wrist
  • Strumming with/without a pick
  • Basics of Fingerstyle guitar
  • Your First Two Songs
  • Q&A for common beginners’ problems

If you have wondered what makes in-person guitar lessons better than online ones, the answer is simple; feedback. A guitar teacher will tell you on the spot where you are not doing well and how to correct your mistakes.

  • Buzzing sound
  • Bad fingering
  • Wrong Posture
  • Fingers, Wrist, and Back Pain
  • Playing with a pick
  • Getting stuck while strumming

This class is for you if you have never touched a guitar or are struggling with the above.

Correcting mistakes and saving you time and effort is the purpose of this compressed live class with a real beginner. Learn what you can only normally learn in person through this lesson.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete Guitar Beginners Who Never Played or Just Started
  • Beginners Who Struggle With Chord Changes, Strumming and Technique
  • Beginners Who Are Not Improving But Are Not Sure Why
  • Beginners Who Want To Have a In-Person Guitar Teacher

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