Indigenous Innovation Master Calss TM

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With A Case Study and Case Method


About The Master Class:

This course will give a very good understanding of how to find indie genius innovations around us. And also this case study shows real-time projects how a product has been identified among our community and then dissected into details and interacted with that designer to find out the full details of this product and then learnings are summarised

Benefits of Indigenous Innovation With A Case Study:

  1. The biggest benefit of this course is about exploration and finding out the nearest innovations what we have because sometimes we go around places but we don’t find something near us
  2. How to encourage such the people who are innovating based on the current problem what they have irrespective of design engineering any background they solve their problems thinking only one aspect they wanted the problem to be solved so they are called design thinkers and gear appreciating and making them participate
  3. There are many crafts which was disappeared in India such as ceramics pottery textile etc so with this methods one can find out how a lost craft or a practice could be documented and celebrated with the proper design credit for the person or the culture or community who has done that
  4. There are detailed sectioning of this design and innovation particularly part by part material by material process what is the context of the designer when you solve this problem, what is the technology available while he worked on it et cetera was discussed
  5. Also one can understand how from the innovator we can develop further detailing and conceptualising of the same idea because we have much more strength process resources availability and time so we can think much more than the innovator
  6. Many trials of various ideations and prototypes have been demonstrated so one can learn about how prototyping should be visualised done quickly so that various concepts and ideas could be generated in a very shorter span of time

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants learn about Indigenous Innovation
  • Anyone who wants build Innovation skills

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