industrial Automation Course كورس تحكم الألي

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The first step in the field of controlling the machine and it’s the first step in the field of industrial control


The most important of the most important courses for electrical engineers is the Classic Control course because it simply puts you at the beginning of the real practical path in the field of electricity, so it does not matter what your major is. This course is considered one of the basics that you should be familiar with practical and theoretical about it as it does not contain graphic charts that are practically useless But it shows you what you need to learn for your working life.
Course Content :

1_Intro. to Classic Control and Modern Control

2_Control Concept.

3_Classic Control Circuit (Power Circuit & Control Circuit).

4_Basic Components in a Classic Control Circuits.

5_Difference bet. Contactor and Relay.

6_Difference bet. C.B. and Fuse.


8_Three phase Induction Motor and Overview about starting methods (Star_Delta in details).


10_All about CADe_SIMU.

11_Application more than 20 Circuits.

12_Overview about Automation Studio SIM.

13_how to control of your motor automatically

… and much more.
Why this course is Powerful and Unique?

this course is on most of the educational platforms which can get you from academical information to the real world career as it gets you – step by step – to understand how to be able to build a complete control system (calculation for each component, and designing power and control circuit for it).

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical technicians
  • Electrical Engineers students.
  • Mechatronics Engineers and students.
  • Motivation to Learn to Control

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