Interior Design CAD – ARCHLine.XP Intermediate Course

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Learn how to create stunning 3D model of interior design elements, e.g. cabinets, stairs and upholstered furniture


ARCHLine.XP is a very powerful and intuitive CAD/BIM software for interior designers. From sketching to photorealistic images, it allows you to draw the exact floor plan and 3D view of the spaces.

The following 8 episodes are part of the complete Intermediate course, where you can deepen the knowledge of ARCHLine.XP, you have already acquired in the Beginner’s course. The curriculum was selected in such a way as to give the most complete picture of the functions and design tools of the program.

We will take a look into the world of visual design, learn about materials, textures, colours and how you can create more realistic render images with PBR materials.

Learn with us what it takes to create a good photorealistic image, how to set perspective, the sun position, render styles and artificial lights.

Find out what the 3 phases of rendering are:

  1. Dealing with the architectural elements, adding render styles to the materials.
  2. Dealing with furnitures and fine-tuning their materials.
  3. Finishing the fine-tuning, adjusting the lights & decorative elements’ materials.

ARCHLine comes with built-in high speed rendering engine, which gives you a stunning realistic view of your model.

No CAD experience is needed to operate these tools, so you spend less time on training, and more on actual design.

Who is this Course for?

Interior Designers

Students of Architecture & Interior Design


(note that this course will be taught on the Windows)

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

A computer with Windows, and to install the ARCHLine.XP software & Workshop Projects, the collection of sample projects used during the course. First complete the Interior Design CAD – ARCHLine.XP Beginners Course for easier understanding.

Who this course is for:

  • Interior Designers looking to work with professional CAD/BIM software.
  • For intermediate who are already confident in using what they learned in the Beginners Course and want to get better at using ARCHLine, to create even more beautiful interior design projects.

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