Interpersonal Skills- communicate better & build relations

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Connect, Influence & Inspire


Interpersonal Skills is the recipe for mastering human interactions. Course language is “English”

This is a must attend course for all individuals who wish to connect, influence and inspire others.

At the same time, it will give you an effective outlook to resolve conflicts and engage better.

DO NOT miss this course. The content is phenomenal and could ensure lifelong success in human interactions.

The course provides strategies to:

-Understand different personalities

-Influence and manage people

-Understand and resolve disputes

-Negotiate better

Health care related examples are used to provide clarity of concepts, however, the techniques are applicable to all professionals of different industries. The learning also has strong application in personal life scenarios

Do listen carefully when the examples are discussed. An ideal learner of the course should try to associate the learning with his/her own life and profession

Content includes 8 video lessons & 8 Quiz assessments to reinstate the learning.

Here is the chapter wise flow of the course:

1. Interpersonal Skills- Relevance and importance

2. Interpersonal Skills – The underlying Rule

3. Interpersonal Skills – The four Personality Types

4. Interpersonal Skills – The Strengths of Each Personality

5. Interpersonal Skills – Weaknesses of each personality type

6. Interpersonal Skills – Needs, Likes and Conflicts of personalities

7. Interpersonal Skills – Becoming a personality reader

8. Interpersonal Skills – Influence and work with different personalities

On completion of the course the learner will be able to answer questions like:

Why people react differently to different situations

What motivates people(depending upon their personalities)

How to connect and influence people

How to get work done thorough people by creating a win-win scenario

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals, students and intellectuals who wish to hone their people skills

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