Intestinal Gut Health – Digestion System Master Class (TM)

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(Real Life Case Study and Experience Method)


About This Master Class:

This course teaches students about intestinal gut health, digestion system in detail. Also students can learn about the different diseases which are related to intestinal gut health which prevention remedies and steps to take care of have been explained in detail. What acidity, gastric, irritable bowel syndrome has been discussed with examples and pictures and food items to take care to prevent them continuously in your lifetime. How cleansing can be done in order to keep our GUT very clean forever

Benefits of the Master Class:

  1. Students will learn about the Basic understanding of the digestive system and how starting from oesophagus the food is getting swallowed and expelled out through the Anus has been explained with clear pictorial representation and illustrations for better understanding to students.
  2. Students will learn about the basic understanding of oesophagus, stomach, pancreas segregated insulin, small intestine, large intestine, colon and anus has been explained with simple pictures and an explanation so that how food can be digested through this has been explained.
  3. Also students will learn about the symptoms of acidity, gastric, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and how it can be prevented by having the food habits changed.
  4. Why water is very important for cleansing your body system particularly with respect to short-term, like every day how you cleanse your intestinal tract has been explained with simple steps and how to clean your gut 3 to 4 months was also explained with simple easy implementable steps.
  5. Why Indians are very spicy eaters and we need to clean our intestines and gets very often in order to keep a digestion track good because 70% of our immunity lies in stomach and intestines if you keep that clean and healthy we will lead a healthier life has been explained.
  6. Prevention is a remedy and food habits have been suggested for having good intestine health and high rich Fiber foods has been suggested for vegetarian or non-vegetarian people to improve their digestion better.
  • Teaching methodology is super simple: Super Simplicity Step to Step Process Simple Theory Simple Model Simple Implementation No Complexity Super Clarity.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants have healthy end to end lifestyle
  • Anyone who wants to have healthy and balanced life 360 degree
  • Anyone who wants to have healthy lifestyle and wants to achieve true success in life
  • Anyone who wants to have healthy Gut end to end healthy lifestyle

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