Intro to Flight Test Data Analytics with Python

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Learn Python-based flight test data analytics and visualization


Flight test creates big data! Did you know that a single instrumented test aircraft creates onboard data streams > 5 MB/sec, or a few gigabytes during the mission? Aerospace programs deal with terabytes of data. Don’t just collect the data… what’s your plan for analysis?

Flight test is all about getting the data, but flight testers need the right tools to handle the volume and complexity of data signals generated by modern instrumentation. Learn how to use Python with our open-source modules to visualize your flight test data.

MATLAB is often taught as a tool for data analysis, but the modules can be pricey and proprietary.

Data handling in Excel is time consuming and laborious.

Time spent processing data is time that’s not spent analyzing data and getting to results. Python is the most sought after language for data analytics today, so we are teaching how to use Python based applications to analyze and interpret flight test results.

This course is unique, because we use a flight test data set to demonstrate the use of Python!

  • Demonstrations make sense when the examples are relevant to actual needs
  • Real flight test data from actual flight assets would face proprietary or classification issues…
  • This course uses data tapped from commercially available flight simulators to show flight test techniques

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Who this course is for:

  • This course is focused on flight test engineers, test pilots, instrumentation specialists, and aerospace students/researchers.

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