JIRA for Remote Teams

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JIRA for Remote Teams


For some organizations this global event has significantly altered the preconception that Agile teams must be physically located in an office and it has already demonstrated that employees can be highly productive even in a remote setting. While we are working remotely, why not utilize JIRA in the best possible way to ensure effectiveness and transparency? This course will help you understand how you can use JIRA in your everyday work to make sure that all the teams across the globe are on the same page at any time zone just by looking at the board.

In this 65 minutes course you will learn how to install JIRA and set up a project from scratch. We will also learn about different Agile terminologies used in a project on JIRA, their definitions, their use and how to use them. The highlight would be to learn to use JIRA for remote environments for more visibility and transparency on the team.

Although we are covering everything from basics so anyone who is going through the course for the first time can also benefit from it. However, some basic understanding of JIRA, Agile, or Scrum can help the learner navigate through the course more smoothly.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone and Everyone using Agile and JIRA as a project management tool to manage their projects.

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