Learn Flutter&Dart From Scratch in Hindi/Urdu

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Learn to create interactive applications using flutter codes.


In this course you will get all the comprehensive knowledge about flutter programming. The aim of this course is to introduce you to the professional app development in the market, so you may develop high quality applications. This course is completely understandable by beginners, so it requires for you to have none of any background knowledge regarding flutter programming. Course will begin with a brief introduction to dart programming and later on flutter and its widgets will be briefed. This course will help the learner to work as a freelancer. Its an ultimate guide for the programming universe. By the end of this course, learner will be able to write fast and clean codes, develop interactive user-interfaces.

The course includes the following headlines:

  • Clear setup installation instructions for Windows.
  • A detailed introduction to Flutter.
  • The concept behind widgets are explained.
  • Complete guideline to use built-in-widgets and how you may add your own.
  • Page navigation with tabs.
  • Side drawers and stack-based navigation.
  • State management solutions.
  • Handling and validating user input.

Who this course is for;

  • Anyone who wants to join programming world.
  • Anyone who wants to get hold on writing clean code.
  • Anyone who wants to develop applications on android, iOS and web.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Flutter developers whom are curious to join the world of programming.

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