Learn How to Develop the Growth Mindset of Your Students

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Language, Tools, and Techniques to Change the Attitudes Towards Learning


The main purpose of the course is to present the concept of a growth mindset in the context of teaching. Also to give as many practical and useful instructions as possible, that teachers and trainers will be able to implement in the classrooms.

In module 1 we will summarize the basic principles and provide an overview of the subjects and modules we will cover. A quiz about mindset self-reflection will follow. In Module 2, we will learn what a growth mindset is and why it is essential in your teaching practice, how to introduce brain growth to your students, different activities you can perform in the classroom, and what a growth mindset is not. Following that, there will be a quiz about creating a growth mindset in your classroom. In module 3, we will focus on the growth mindset language that you use in the classroom. We will show examples of growth mindset language, how to properly communicate praise and high expectations, and demonstrate the link between learning and results. The quiz will include growth mindset language practice. Module 4 will tell us about the superpowers of your teaching technique. What factors influence students’ growth mindset, how to reduce goals down into smaller steps, deliberate practice and desirable difficulty, the necessity of mistakes and multiple exposure, and adoption growth mindset approaches. The quiz will focus on teaching with a growth mindset. In module 5, we will discover how to bestow superpowers on your students, how to teach them positive self-talk, and how to conquer obstacles. Also how to assist them in reflecting on their learning process and adjusting their learning practice. We will learn how to prepare growth mindset friendly assessments. The quiz will be a deep dive into the learning. In the last module, we will recap everything we have studied.

Who this course is for:

  • Teachers willing to improve their teaching
  • Trainers willing to improve their courses

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