Learn How To Make Your Own Juggling Balls and basic juggling

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Are you an aspiring juggler with a lot of creativity? Then this course is the perfect fit for you!


Are you an aspiring juggler?

Are You a creative and innovative person?

Then this course is the perfect fit for you!

During this course I will teach you the basic and essential knowledge that you need to know to start juggling with three balls at the same time. You will also master the skill of making and designing your own juggling balls in an easy and fun way. I will include a short history segment where I will give you a brief overview of the juggling history of northern Europe.

The course will consist of the following three chapters:

Chapter 1: Make and design your own juggling balls

These step by step instructions will give you all the tools you need to customize your juggling balls in any way you like concerning weight, shape, size, colors, and feel.

Chapter 2: A short history lesson regarding the juggling history of the north.

Chapter 3: Learn basic juggling technique.

In these instructions videos I will give you step by step instructions on how to start juggling with three balls. We will start with several exercises to improve your control and multitasking skills. After this we will move on to juggling with three balls and end with several challenge videos that you can work with to impress your friends even more. Slow motion videos, pdf document and detailed instruction videos are of course included.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get our juggle on!

Who this course is for:

  • People who like crafting and designing their own personal things
  • Aspirering jugglers who want to make their own juggling balls

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