Learn Nepali Language the Right way

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Learn Nepali language through English using International phonetic Alphabet(IPA)




Nepali language is one of the easiest language in this planet, would you believe me?

Like any other languages, Nepali language has also its own vocabularies and own rules. But it depends on how passionate you are to learn the language.

Over 420 people from 40 countries enrolled in this course.

Student Testimonials

★★★★★ “Thank you so much for your Course. I think that you’re an awesome instructor, and I feel that I learned a lot from you.” –Deep Basu-

To learn anything, you just need to have the right state of mind to adopt the things you are learning. Hence, it all depends on your interest and effort on how hard it will be to learn Nepali.

But, in this course we are going to take a very different approach in learning Nepali language. Probably the easiest way you will ever come across on internet.

when you think of someone as being a fluent Nepali speaker, you probably think they speak perfectly without stopping. In reality even native Nepali speakers use filler words and they use them often. These words are an important part of sounding natural when you speak Nepali.

So, we will start off learning those beautiful filler words at first which will bring your broken Nepali to life and along the course some basic Nepali phrases.

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Who this course is for:

  • who wants to learn the Basics of Nepali language.
  • who wants to learn the Nepali in a fun, simple and interactive way.
  • who wants to interact with Nepali people whilst traveling to Nepal.
  • This course is designed keeping an individual with absolutely no exposure to Nepali and would strengthen the grasp of all those who have the slightest of idea about this language.

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