Li-ion Battery Technology – Crash Course

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Learn Lithium ion cells/Batteries for Electric vehicles (EVs) & energy storage – types, working, Safety, Thermal runaway


Li-ion batteries are rapidly changing the landscape of Automotive industry. The increased environmental awareness and push for renewable energy sources is increasing the demand of Li-ion batteries. This course supports the aspirants of this new ecosystem, by providing a good foundation on Li-ion Battery technology.

The content delivery is inspired by MinutePhysics, thus the pace is faster than ordinary courses, and indeed efficient. By the end of the course, you will have enough resources and knowledge to understand:

  • Components of Lithium-ion cell and their functions
  • Working of Lithium ion cell
  • Types of Lithium ion cell and their comparison
  • Lithium ion battery safety-mechanisms
  • Manufacturing of Li-ion cell
  • Cathode & Anode materials
  • Behaviour of Li-ion cell under abuse

This course will give you a boost to your learning, if you are pursuing a career in Energy storage, Battery development, EV System or calibration engineer, vehicle engineering etc. I am certain that you will be more comfortable discussing about Li-ion batteries with your colleagues or experts after finishing the course.

A request to you would be, to stay focussed during the lessons, as the video lessons are concise and straight to the point. I also recommend making your own notes after each lesson, which will enhance your understanding.

This course will be available to you for lifetime, so you can revisit the lessons agian and again. Enjoy learning!!

Who this course is for:

  • Industry Professionals
  • Interns/Students
  • Enthusiasts who wants to build their own Battery

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