Heal Your Gut

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Improve Your Physical and Mental Health Using Modern and Ancient Health Wisdom


We’ll explore evidence-based discoveries from Ayurveda and integrative medicine on stress, diet, gut health, weight loss, and more. Follow practical tips to transform your health in just four weeks!

This is not a “fast,” and does not require that you go hungry or modify your diet in uncomfortable ways. The recommendations integrate ancient Ayurvedic and current scientific knowledge.

Learn your body type according to Ayurveda, and how to check in on your own health and well-being via Ayurvedic self-pulse diagnosis!

  1. Why your gut health is vital – and how to easily improve it
  2. The Ayurvedic approach to achieving your ideal weight naturally
  3. Probiotics, prebiotics and more — creating optimal health from the inside out
  4. Cultivating self-care habits that nourish you and enliven your inner being

Featuring Harvard researcher Dr. Robert Keith Wallace, this series is full of gems of knowledge from the Ayurveda and integrative health degree programs of Maharishi International University.

Ayurveda and integrative health programs at Maharishi International University (MIU) :

Master’s Degree Programs:

  • MS in Maharishi AyurVeda & Integrative Medicine (online)
  • Fellowship MS in Integrative Medicine and Ayurveda for Medical Professionals (online)
  • MS in Aromatherapy & Ayurveda (online)

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  • BA in Ayurveda Wellness & Integrative Health (online or on-campus)
  • Bachelor’s with Specialization in Ayurveda Wellness & Integrative Health
    (online or on-campus)
  • Bachelor’s with Specialization in Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness
  • Bachelor’s with Specialization in Life & Wellness Coaching

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in gut health, overall health, or improving their quality of life

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